Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner

This new product is perfect for cleaning all surfaces and is food safe as well as effective at getting rid of germs!

  • Cleans
  • Sterilises
  • Won’t harm painted surfaces
  • Extended protection from mould and bacteria



This super Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner is highly effective at cleaning all hard surfaces. It’s triple action formulation emulsifies, cleans and sterilises all at once.

It is bleach free so will not harm any surfaces and is completely food safe.

It can be used as a general cleaner for floors, walls, paintwork, work surfaces, food prep areas, tables and anywhere requiring a clean and sterile surface. Simply spray on, leave for a few seconds to allow the biocide to work and then wipe up with a clean, damp cloth.

Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner is ideal for cleaning out lockers, cupboards and drawers to get rid of any other germs and bugs lurking in corners, it can also be used if you’re shutting down for winter and want a little added protection. Once all surfaces are clean simply spray over each surface again and leave. The biocide will continue to work and protect the surface from mould growths, bacteria and viruses for several weeks.

For soft furnishings a surfaces which need a clean up, check out our Carpet Cleaner to get our any stains and dirt. The don’t forget one final spray around with Odour Eliminator to keep any nasty niffs at bay.

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