1. Great pouring/measurement system. This will easily do a full season of travelling and its environmentally friendly. Initial cost may seem a little high to some but if you break it down its 73p a week, assuming it will last a full year and I’m fairly confident it will.

    Wavey Davey – Blue Bio

  2. Fantastic! Great advice over the phone as a new customer, ordering online was easy and the toilet products (Blue Bio) couldn’t be better. I will be a long term return customer for sure.

    5 star Trustpilot review

    Russell – Blue Bio

  3. There was plenty of information about the product. It was easy to order and it was delivered before the promised date.

    5 star Trustpilot review

    J Collins – Blue Bio

  4. I love my garden but hate wearing gloves. I spend hours out there which means I always come in with ingrained dirt on my hands and under my nails….not a  look good when you are about to cook supper!

    But no longer, since I was given a sample of Wessex Pumice hand scrub. It is fantastic and you don’t even need water to rinse it off, very handy when pumping up the tyres of Nigel our motor home (which we originally wanted it for). With summer coming and wearing flip flops it also stops your feet looking awful and we have all had cracked and dirty heels. But no longer, I rubbed some hand scrub into the back of my heels and hey presto…clean and moisturised heels! (more…)

    Jane Purdue – Pumice Hand Scrub

  5. As a jeweller i was looking for an ethical heavy-duty hand cleaner that would remove the stubborn polishing compound from my hands, but didn’t contain polybeads. This pumice scrub is a brilliant product that works effectively, has a pleasant fragrance and does not irritate my sensitive skin. It is kind to the enviroment too, so no more guilt about washing chemicals and plastic beads down the sink! I have found it great for other applications too, such as washing off paint or anything greasy. I will be buying more!

    Clare Gardner – Lovesong Jewellery


    Available to buy here

    Clare Gardner – Pumice Hand Scrub

  6. In a time where we are all more focussed on making sure our actions are environmentally friendly, Clear Blue Bio is the perfect product to use. We know it contains no nasty chemicals so there are no concerns for our health too. Clear Blue Bio is a product we highly recommend for treating toilet tanks and cleaning toilet bowls in all boats, caravans and motorhomes.



    Linda French – Clear Blue Bio

  7. We love the “Green” Blue Bio – it is the only toilet fluid we that we will sell. It does the job well, is economical, environmentally friendly AND it smells nice!

    Bagwell Farm- Blue Bio

  8. We loved the fact that one bottle does everything. No need for pink for the flush and blue for the waste. Saving on cost and on having to transport 2 bottles around.

    Full review

    Deb Ludford, InPursuitOfADream blog – Blue Bio

  9. Blue Bio toilet fluid from Wessex Chemical Factors is blue in colour but has all the credentials of a green fluid. It has to be said that I was pleasantly surprised. It not only smelt good but did a decent job of assisting in breaking things down for easy emptying of the Thetford tank.

    Full review

    Nick, Motorhome Traveller blog- Blue Bio

  10. The Caravan looks better than the day we bought it.

    Full review

    Deb Ludford, InPursuitOfADream blog – Waterless Wash

  11. The key selling point of this over more traditional fluids for cassette type toilets is its contents. This has no harmful chemicals and is 100% biodegradable making it very environmentally friendly and perfect for use on sites who’s disposal facilities prohibit more toxic products. We came across a number of these on our trip across the channel to France where sites in rural locations rely on natural bacteria to break down the waste.

    Full review

    GetYourLegsDown Blog- Blue Bio

  12. I’ve found a new toilet fluid that I’m happy with, that seems to have rid us of the dreaded toilet black spot, that save space, smells good and is eco friendly.

    Full review

    Rob & Andi Stallwood- Blue Bio

  13. Hard test – wiffy dog bed: 3 days on, still smells fresh as a daisy! Wonderful.

    Rob & Annie Stallwood – Odour Eliminator

  14. Lovely! The smell is very nice. I have deodorised the bin and I used it today in the caravan as well.

    Make Camp Blog – Odour Eliminator

  15. Used my Odour Eliminator on the sun loungers that have been in a damp shed. The garden now smells delightful!

    David Bell- Odour Eliminator

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Blue Bio

This month’s blog is all about our popular Blue Bio! If you are looking for an effective toilet fluid for your caravan or motorhome but are also concerned about the environmental impact of more traditional toilet fluids, then look no further, Blue Bio is for you! Traditional toilet fluids contain…

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