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  1. Wessex Glass Cleaner

    This month’s blog is all about our fabulous Wessex Glass Cleaner! Our glass cleaner is a fabulous professional grade glass cleaner, great at cutting through and lifting off dirt, grime and grease, for powerful cleaning. It is popular with our business customers like sign makers and also with our caravanning…

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  2. Wessex Bathroom Cleaner

    This week’s blog is all about our fabulous Bathroom Cleaner! If you want an effective bathroom cleaner that is environmentally friendly, then look no further! Wessex Bathroom Cleaner is safe to use on any surface not harmed by water and will effectively clean plastics, stainless steel, chrome, laminates, tiles, and…

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  3. Wessex Odour Eliminator

    Welcome to this week’s blog! This blog is all about our product of the month which is Wessex Odour Eliminator. Odour Eliminator is one of our most popular products and with good reason! If you are looking for a safe, environmentally friendly, effective product that deals with the source of…

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  4. canopy 750

    Canopy Cleaner & Protector

    This week’s blog is all about our fabulous Canopy Cleaner & Protector. This was a real hit with out Narrowboat customers who we meet at Crick Boat Show last month! Canopy Cleaner was originally designed for boat canopies, but we soon found out that it was just as effective on…

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  5. waterless wash 750

    Wessex Waterless Wash

    This week’s Caravan Store blog is all about Wessex Waterless Wash. Waterless Wash is so easy to use on paintwork, worktops, UPVC, dashboard and glasswork, inside and outside of your van, simply spray on and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. It is even safe to use on phone and…

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  6. Caravan Shampoo

    Wessex Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo Special Offer!

    Welcome to our Caravan Store Blog! We plan to blog each week about a new subject, highlighting new products and keeping you up to date with all things Caravan Store related! This week’s post is all about Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo. Now we know that our Caravaners and Motorhomers…

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  7. Blue Bio is now in new, refillable bottles

    Our brilliant Blue Bio and Blue Bio Clear toilet fluids are now available in a 500 ml refillable bottle. Why? Because we’d really like to see a reduction in the amount of plastic bottles which are used and this is a small step towards making that happen. The 500ml bottle…

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  8. Brand new Clear Blue Bio toilet fluid

    Find out how and why we created the new Clear Blue Bio toilet fluid which is suitable for all boats, caravans and motorhomes. Linda French from Ownasharecruising Ltd has been using our Blue Bio fluid for many years for the toilet tanks of all the narrowboats they manage. Blue Bio…

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  9. New Review of our Pumice Hand Scrub

    Keen gardener Jane Purdue is a fan of our Pumice hand scrub and explains why it’s so useful for her range of hobbies and even her feet! I love my garden but hate wearing gloves. I spend hours out there which means I always come in with ingrained dirt on…

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