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This month our blog is all about out Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner!

Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner 1 litre

Here at Wessex Chemicals, we all know how difficult it can be to keep carpets and upholstery in our caravans, motorhomes cars, and homes really clean! If it’s not children spilling drinks, or dogs walking in mud, its people coming in to the caravan without wiping their feet first. We have all been there! And that’s why we developed our Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner. Not only is it great on carpet but it will also clean upholstery like car seats with ease!

It can be used for spot cleaning (diluted in a spray bottle with water), used in carpet cleaning machines or sprayed on to a large area of carpet, agitated with a scrubbing brush and vacuumed when the carpet is dry. For spot cleaning dilute 10ml of Carpet and Fabric Cleaner into a 750ml spray bottle of water. If you are cleaning a larger area dilute 20ml of Carpet and Fabric Cleaner into a 10 litre bucket of water. Don’t be tempted to use a higher dosage as this may leave behind a white residue! So not only is it an effective carpet and fabric cleaner but its also an economic one!

Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner can also be used in carpet cleaning machines. If you are using a cleaning machine, then you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to the concentration of solution to use. As with all carpet and upholstery cleaners you should spot test a hidden area to check for any issues.

But don’t just take our word for it! One of our customers recently sent a before and after photograph after she had cleaned her carpet!

Jess said “Honestly it’s never come up so clean! We previously used the mixture that came with our carpet cleaner and that did an ok job but I could still see problem patches. My living room carpet is soooooo clean!”

Want to find out more? Why not check out our Carpet and Fabric Cleaner page on our website

Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 1lt


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