Odour Eliminator

Our special Odour Eliminator effectively removes odours safely and naturally leaving you with only fresh air.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Pleasant perfume to mask odours
  • Removes odours naturally
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Human and Pet safe




Odour Eliminator is a 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly spray which uses specially produced bacteria to consume the source of unpleasant smells, removing the source of the odour rather than just masking it. It is suitable for use on all surfaces which would not normally be affected by water, including tiles, concrete, wood, carpets, furnishings, clothing and more.

It effectively removes a wide range of odours caused by urine, spilt milk, vomit, cigarette smoke, stale odours, pet odours and a whole lot more (we will leave that to your imagination!).

Odour Eliminator contains a pleasant fragrance to mask the odour whilst the product consumes the source of the smell, once it’s done it’s job you’ll be left with nothing but fresh air.

So simple to use, for general odours or liquid spills, simply spray onto the offending material and leave to work its magic leaving no residue or stain.

If there are solids involved, give a brief spray to help with the ‘gagging’ effect if necessary, remove what you can and then spray over the area and leave.

Note: This is not an aerosol air freshener, it is a specialist liquid that is sprayed onto surfaces where the source of the odour is located.

If left with any staining, why not check out our highly-concentrated, professional grade Carpet Cleaner.

Technical Data Safety Data
Hard test - wiffy dog bed: 3 days on, still smells fresh as a daisy! Wonderful.

Rob & Annie Stallwood

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