Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 100ml

Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 100ml cleans dirt, grime, grease, traffic film, birdlime and more from fibreglass, plastic trim, metal, painted and on-slip surfaces.

This highly concentrated product goes a long way as you only need 20 – 30 ml in a bucket for each wash down, perfect for taking away with you in case you need a wash down! Then you can top back up at home from our 3.25-litre bottles.


Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 100ml is a fantastic and versatile caravan wash which cleans fibreglass, plastic trim, metal, painted and non-slip surfaces.

Our highly concentrated, easy to use shampoo removes traffic film, dirt, and grime without leaving a residue, just a shiny and streak-free finish.

Because our Shampoo is safe on all vehicle paintwork, you can even use it to clean your car, simply follow the normal instructions for dilution.

If spot cleaning, wet the area with water, spray shampoo over the mark or stain, gently agitate to create a foam and then rinse off. For stubborn marks and hardened bird lime, leave to soak for a few minutes to soften and then rinse.

For a full washdown of your caravan or motorhome first, spray any stubborn or hardened marks, then unscrew the spray head and pour 20-30 ml into a bucket of water (warm water is preferable but not essential). Apply to the surface with a soft brush or sponge and it will lather up, then wash down with clean water.

When you need a top-up, why not buy our Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 3.25-litre refill bottle? Then you can refill the small bottle ready for the next adventure and keep your pride and joy clean and sparkling!

Also available in a ready to use 750ml spray bottle.


Refill – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle



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