Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 750ml

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New Caravan and Motorhome shampoo, removes dirt, grime and traffic film easily to leave a shiny, streak-free finish.


Our Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 750ml is so easy to use, simply spray straight on the vehicle with our handy 750ml spray bottle, lather up the area with a soft brush, sponge or similar and then rinse with water.

Our easy to use vehicle shampoo removes traffic film, dirt and grime without leaving a residue, just a shiny streak-free finish.

Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo 750ml  can be used in warm or cold water and is still effective when used with hard water, leaving you with a shiny strea-free finish.

When your spray bottle is getting empty why not order our 3.25-litre concentrate? You’ll be able to fill up your 750 ml spray bottle up to 16 times for only £14.99, a very cost-effective way to keep your pride and joy shiny and clean. Refill – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle.

Did you know that Caravan & Motorhome Shampoo can also be used on your car? it’s great for cleaning paintwork, alloy wheels, plastic trim and glass and won’t dull any painted surfaces.

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