Canopy Cleaner

Our super Canopy Cleaner & Protector is perfect for cleaning boat canopies but also caravan awnings. It not only effectively cleans the awnings but leaves a protective film making future cleaning even easier!

  • Easy to use
  • No need to rinse
  • Prevents re-growth of moulds
  • Protects against UV fading
  • 100% biodegradable



This Canopy Cleaner & Protector effectively cleans off mould, dirt, grime, grease and oil and bird lime from boat canopies and also caravan awnings.

Not only is Canopy Cleaner easy to use and brilliant at it’s job, it’s also environmentally friendly and doesn’t need any water to rinse. Simply spray on, work in with a microfibre cloth to get any stubborn spots, then wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth.

After cleaning, you can also spray over the canopy again and leave the product in situ, this leaves a special protective film to combat against mould regrowth and also to prevent UV fading. The added film also makes it much easier to clean next time but won’t affect the appearance of the canopy.

As this water based mixture is 100% biodegradable it can be used for cleaning your boat in and out of the water.

Save some money by purchasing our 3.25 litre refill bottle so you can top up your 750ml bottle when it runs low.


In October 2021, Canopy Cleaner was featured on our blog, click here to read up on why this is such a fantastic product to use and why it’s become one of our best sellers.


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