Canopy Cleaner & Protector

This week’s blog is all about our fabulous Canopy Cleaner & Protector. This was a real hit with out Narrowboat customers who we meet at Crick Boat Show last month! Canopy Cleaner was originally designed for boat canopies, but we soon found out that it was just as effective on caravan and motorhome awnings and covers not to mention narrowboat canopies.

Canopy Cleaner & Protector 750ml

Canopy Cleaner is designed to clean off mould, dirt, grime, grease, oil, bird lime and more from canopies and awnings.  We know that our customers like a product that does the job but also minimises the impact on the environment, so Canopy Cleaner is water-based, fully biodegradable and can be used safely anywhere, including on water.

Not only that but it is easy to use. Since the formula is ‘ready to use’, you can just spray on and work in with a microfibre cloth, leave for a few minutes and wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth.

But it doesn’t end there, not only does Canopy Cleaner do a fantastic cleaning job, but it also provides some protection for the future. Once your awning or canopy is nice and clean, just spray it again with Canopy Cleaner and it will leave behind a special protective film designed to prevent re-growth and reduce UV-fading!

Canopy Cleaner & Protector is best stored in a cool, dry place out of sunlight and once open we recommend that you use it within two years. Canopy Cleaner and Protector comes in a handy 750ml spray bottle and also a 3.25 litre refill, which means you can reduce plastic waste by toping up your old 750ml spray bottle, rather than buying a new bottle.

Canopy Cleaner & Protector is available in 750ml spray bottle and 3.25 litre refill

If you would like to find out more, why not check out the page on this website:

Canopy Cleaner 750ml – Wessex Caravan Store

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