Hand Sanitiser 250ml and Disinfectant 1 litre

Buy our 72% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (250ml) and our Hard Surface Disinfectant (1 litre) together and save money – and for a limited time save on delivery as well!

Only £11.49 for both products and free delivery for a limited time only, just use the coupon code SANITISER2020.
Stay safe, stay home and protect the NHS.


You can now buy our Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 72% in 250 ml bottles alongside 1 litre of our Hard Surface Disinfectant spray to keep your hands and your surroundings safe sanitised and virus free.

Our Alcohol-based hand sanitiser contains over 72% alcohol and has a pH of 6.4 meaning it won’t damage skin and will keep your hands germ-free.

Available in 250 ml and 5-litre bottles, we also offer a refill facility on site so feel free to pop in with a bottle and top up!

A great product for when you’re out and about, alcohol hand sanitiser is also great for use on-site where water may be limited or absent. Where there is access to running water, our hand soaps are great for cleaning the skin without causing drying and cracking, particularly our Gentle Hand Wash.


Our Hard Surface Disinfectant kills 99% of pathogens which cause diseases. It is suitable for use on any hard surface, including non-invasive medical devices.

Hard Surface Disinfectant contains a blend of biocides that are proven to be effective against Coronaviruses: SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, Norovirus, TB, HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis B & C.

Available in a 1 litre ready to use spray, you can feel safe in the knowledge that surfaces which have been disinfected with this spray will kill the harmful viruses and leave the surface safe to use. Simply spray on, leave for 2 minutes and then wipe the surface down.

Please visit the individual products pages for full technical information and SDS.

Use soap and water, sanitiser and disinfectant and stay safe.


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