Pumice Hand Scrub

Our Pumice Hand Scrub is environmentally friendly, effective and can be used with or without water. It smells pretty good too!

  • Removes paints, tar, bitumen and more
  • Safe on sensitive skin
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Uses natural pumice


Pumice Hand Scrub is a citrus fragranced scrub which is 100% micro bead free. It contains a natural pumice which is effective at thoroughly cleaning even the grubbiest hands, is safe to use on sensitive skin and can be used with or without water!

It will effectively remove tar, bitumen, resin, inks, paints, grease, oils and heavy industrial grime and much more

Our environmentally friendly pumice hand scrub is used in engineering, garages, food processing plants, oil industries, shipping, catering, laundries, refuge and sewage plants. It’s also excellent for use after gardening according to one very happy customer, read the full review here

Simply apply a small amount to your hands using the flip top lid (it might need the occasional shake to really mix up the pumice), work in well until ingrained dirt has been removed, then either rinse off with water or wipe clean.
Our clever formula means this hand scrub can be used on wet or dry hands so it’s really handy to have around! The 250 ml bottle is great to keep either in the car, by the kitchen sink or wherever it’s needed, then if you buy the 5 litre you can simply top it up when it’s running a bit low.

5 litre pumps are available (as pictured) to purchase separately.


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As a jeweller i was looking for an ethical heavy-duty hand cleaner that would remove the stubborn polishing compound from my hands, but didn't contain polybeads. This pumice scrub is a brilliant product that works effectively, has a pleasant fragrance and does not irritate my sensitive skin. It is kind to the enviroment too, so no more guilt about washing chemicals and plastic beads down the sink! I have found it great for other applications too, such as washing off paint or anything greasy. I will be buying more! Clare Gardner - Lovesong Jewellery www.lovesongjewellery.com   Available to buy here

Clare Gardner - Lovesong Jewellery

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