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This week’s post is all about Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo.

Now we know that our Caravaners and Motorhomers like to keep their ‘mobile’ homes looking spic and span! But did you know there are very good reasons to regularly clean your van which have nothing to do with how good it looks?

The first and most important one is safety. If you leave salt deposits from the road on your van than you are risk of developing patches of rust or worsening patches that are already there. The process involves some chemistry which we won’t go into here! But essentially the salt can speed up the rusting process of certain metals.

Rust can damage structures under your van like the exhaust causing parts to fail but also weaken your van’s metal structure. The best defence against this is to regularly wash down all your vehicles. And here we have some good news Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo lifts off the traffic film that contains the salt! And not only that but it is safe to use on cars so you can use Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo on all your vehicles.

Secondly the minerals in mud, dirt and rain can damage your paint job! Not only does this affect the look of your van, it can also make you more at risk of rust (see above)! Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo is effectively at removing all of these and not only that it leaves you with no residue and a streak free finish.

Wessex Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo can be purchased in a 750ml spray bottle and sprayed onto your caravan, motorhome or car and washed off with a damp cloth or you can buy a 3.25lt refill concentrate. This can be used to refill your 750ml bottle by filling off 200ml into the spray bottle and filling the rest with water or by adding 20-30mls to a bucket of water. The even better news is there is no need to leather or wipe down!

If you want to find out more about our Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo, check out the page on this website! You may have noticed that we are also running a special offer on Caravan and Motorhome Shampoo that will run throughout September so there has never been a better time to buy!

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