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This week’s Caravan Store blog is all about Wessex Waterless Wash. Waterless Wash is so easy to use on paintwork, worktops, UPVC, dashboard and glasswork, inside and outside of your van, simply spray on and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. It is even safe to use on phone and tablet screens!

As the name suggests it cleans without the need for water (or a bucket or hose for that matter!) and so is perfect to take away with you for those cleaning jobs that can crop up when you are on the road.

Not only that but Waterless Wash is a very clever product. It is designed to clean and leave behind a non-smearing monomolecular film which, not only enhances the shine, but also causes water to bead off and prevents the formation of some stains. For example, it reduces the ability of soils to bond to painted surfaces.

The special formula (which if you are interested is to do with the super low- viscosity polymers we use!) means that it prevents frictional heat building up and so when wiped off using a microfibre cloth, it allows the cloth to collect dirt, without scratching the surface.

For best results, we recommend that you spray Waterless Wash onto the surface you want to clean, leave it for around 30 seconds and then wipe off with a microfibre cloth. To achieve a good shine, we suggest a light buffing with a clean microfibre cloth.

Waterless Wash comes in a handy 750ml spray bottle and a 3.25 Lt Refill

Due to its super low- viscosity, it is important that you DON’T use Waterless Wash on hard floors, steering wheels or foot pedals as they are likely to become slippery. We also recommend that you don’t use Waterless Wash on Windscreens, whilst Waterless Wash gives a great finish on glass in general, the action of the windscreen wipers can cause smearing. Instead, we recommend using our Glass Cleaner. Glass Cleaner 750ml – Wessex Caravan Store

Not only is Waterless Wash a great cleaner but it is also 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous and completely safe to use. So, if you are looking for an effective cleaner to take on the road with you and prefer an environmentally friendly option, then look no further! Waterless Wash is the product for you!

If you want to find out more then click on the link: Waterless Wash 750ml – Wessex Caravan Store

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