Blue Bio is now in new, refillable bottles

Our brilliant Blue Bio and Blue Bio Clear toilet fluids are now available in a 500 ml refillable bottle. Why? Because we’d really like to see a reduction in the amount of plastic bottles which are used and this is a small step towards making that happen.

The 500ml bottle is also smaller so you can save some vaulable space in your vehicle, then simply top up from the 3.25 litre when you get home.

The 500 ml bottle holds up to 25 doses so it should be plenty to keep you going for a while, the 3.25 litre holds up to 160 doses so should keep you stocked up for plenty of adventures.

Please rest assured that the formula is as good as it’s ever been and the environmentally friendly, great smelling formula will be working as hard for you as it ever has.

Wessex Caravan Store